Lille VS Nantes, home win

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    Lille VS Nantes, home win
    Match Analysis

    1. Although free soccer tips last season's Ligue 1 was cancelled early, Lille finished 4th in the league with good performances. In this new season, they scored many points. They are currently fifth in the league with two wins and two draws and remain unbeaten, only 2 points behind of the first team Saint Etienne. Lille is strong at home field, they got only 3 losses in the last 10 home games.

    2. Nantes got 11 wins, 4 draws and 13 losses and finished 13th in the last season. In this season, they got 1 win, 2 draw and 1 loss, ranking 14th. They have general performances in both defense and offense, scoring 5 goals and losing 5 goals. They are not so good at away field. In the last away game, they lost to Mornago by 1-2.

    Odds Analysis

    In the last 10 times they met, Lille got 8 wins and 2 draws, being the upper hand. Lille got the winning streak in the last 4 times they met. Besides, Lille have 50% win rate recently, they are unbeaten in the past 4 league games. Nantes have 20% win rate, and they got no win in the last 2 round games. The handicap first odd was Lille-0.5, and now the odd was raise to Lille-0.75, which was the highest odd in the history. In this case, it is suggested to bet on Lille.

    Lille VS Nantes

    Handicap soccer betting tips Picks: Lille-0.75

    1X2 Picks: Lille

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